Put a smile on that face

“Hai visto che occhi? E’ malata. Malata di sogni, siamo tutti malati di sogni, ecco perchè siamo qui.”



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Can you be my Arthur? I’ll be your Merlin.

I’m listening to You’re the voice.

I see Merthur EVERYWHERE.


This means that Merlin usually sees Arthur naked.

I love the way Arthur looks at Merlin

he’s like: OMG Merlin is stupid!

And also: I’m in love with him!

AHAHAHAH sorry, Merthur time!

  • Arthur: What were you doing?
  • Merlin: Peeing!
  • Arthur: You mean to say you were peeing all the time I was in there?
  • Merlin: I really had to go.
  • Arthur: There is definitely something very wrong with you.