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“Hai visto che occhi? E’ malata. Malata di sogni, siamo tutti malati di sogni, ecco perchè siamo qui.”



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I’m going to miss Merlin as crazy.

The first time I watched it, I found it amazing and now, after 5 years, I’m so sad. 

Merlin have been a friend, a laugh, a tear, a smile. 

I’m not going to forget the knights. image

Gwain, my dear. image 

And my favorite, the one who took my heart, Lancelot. image 

Gaius, Uther, Freya. 

Mordred, that I cannot hate. 

I’m not going to forget Morgana, who I loved since the first episode and I still love. image 

Giunevere, the Queen. image

And them, Arthur and Merlin. They will always be in my heart. image

Thank you Merlin.

Eoin Macken replied me again.
Kancajkegysibedwhdkrngeie *-*

Eoin Macken replied me again.
Kancajkegysibedwhdkrngeie *-*

I’m listening to You’re the voice.

I really loved Merlin S4.

I think it’s the best, but there are some things I didn’t liked at all..

1. LANCELOT: my dear Lancelot. Why?? It was perfect, sexy, hot, sexy, lovely, hot, sexy, hot, amazing! Why the hell did they kill him? :( :(

2. EXCALIBUR: they totally distroyed the legend! Arthur had to take the sword without magic and Merlin.. I am a bit disappointed.

3. THE MARRIAGE: I was expecting a different marriage, something with the rings or other similar..

BTW it was amazing, I really loved Morgana, she is beautiful! and Merlin, EVERYTIME PERFECT!

”.. you still love her”