Put a smile on that face
I'm Guinevere, i'm 16 and I live in Italy even if I'd like to live in another cowntry. I love cinema, I love the old icons like James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. I love old movies.
I like Merlin, and i'm team Lancelot.
If you like Santiago Cabrera, I like you.
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I’m going to miss Merlin as crazy.

The first time I watched it, I found it amazing and now, after 5 years, I’m so sad. 

Merlin have been a friend, a laugh, a tear, a smile. 

I’m not going to forget the knights. image

Gwain, my dear. image 

And my favorite, the one who took my heart, Lancelot. image 

Gaius, Uther, Freya. 

Mordred, that I cannot hate. 

I’m not going to forget Morgana, who I loved since the first episode and I still love. image 

Giunevere, the Queen. image

And them, Arthur and Merlin. They will always be in my heart. image

Thank you Merlin.

So.. now Guinevere and Morgana are BFF?

OMG Angel’s dress.



I miss Lancelot. 


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I really can’t wait to see Merlin S5!

I wanna see Guinevere Queen, see Merlin’s smile again *w*

AND GWAINE, I miss that boy.

..she’s gone, Arthur.

..she’s gone, Arthur.