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“Hai visto che occhi? E’ malata. Malata di sogni, siamo tutti malati di sogni, ecco perchè siamo qui.”



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his is what I think :’)

his is what I think :’)

I’m going to miss Merlin as crazy.

The first time I watched it, I found it amazing and now, after 5 years, I’m so sad. 

Merlin have been a friend, a laugh, a tear, a smile. 

I’m not going to forget the knights. image

Gwain, my dear. image 

And my favorite, the one who took my heart, Lancelot. image 

Gaius, Uther, Freya. 

Mordred, that I cannot hate. 

I’m not going to forget Morgana, who I loved since the first episode and I still love. image 

Giunevere, the Queen. image

And them, Arthur and Merlin. They will always be in my heart. image

Thank you Merlin.


Hello guys :D

First of all, how are you? My life just sucks these days.. by the way: does anybody have a HD photo of Arthur/Mordred final hug from 5x04? :)

Merlin 5x02?

Even on torrent?

Merlin really doesn’t know what heterosexuality is.



Goodmorning Princess! 

Goodmorning Princess! 



An extra posted a report about their day (April 25) on set of Merlin. Bradley and Colin are both mentioned to be present.
25th April 2012 and it was another trip to Clearwell Caves for a third day on ‘Merlin’. Dirtied down again and a day spent mining in the depths. Characters Arthur, Merlin and Lancelot were also present. 7:30 call and 18:00 finish.
I’d be rather surprised if it was really Lancelot, my guess would be that he means Gwaine. Otherwise that would be an interesting and rather huge spoiler. 

I really wanna believe in this.