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“Hai visto che occhi? E’ malata. Malata di sogni, siamo tutti malati di sogni, ecco perchè siamo qui.”



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tonight there’s Santiago’s new movie’s premiere.



I miss him so much! :( Cristiada is also going to be out this Friday, so… MORE SANTIAGO! 

I live in Italy (God why?) so I won’t be able to watch Cristiada at the cinema, and this is why I’m praying to have it online soon. I’m waiting for Santiago and his mustache. That sexy mustache.

Eoin you are so mean :(

Eoin you are so mean :(


An extra posted a report about their day (April 25) on set of Merlin. Bradley and Colin are both mentioned to be present.
25th April 2012 and it was another trip to Clearwell Caves for a third day on ‘Merlin’. Dirtied down again and a day spent mining in the depths. Characters Arthur, Merlin and Lancelot were also present. 7:30 call and 18:00 finish.
I’d be rather surprised if it was really Lancelot, my guess would be that he means Gwaine. Otherwise that would be an interesting and rather huge spoiler. 

I really wanna believe in this.

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Lancelot was the only knight with a white horse.

I think Santiago Cabrera left Merlin because he was too much pretty.

He left Alcatraz also because of this.

And Cristiada disappeared because they knew that Santiago was too much hot.

I know.

Today I re-watched Merlin “Lancelot Du Lac”.

When it started i was like

Then sexy Lancelot came out of the water.

Arthur asked Guinevere to marry him.

Lancelot came back to Camelot.

He gave Gwen the bracelet.

Gwen kissed Lancelot.

Arthur and Lance’s fight.

Gwen and Arthur’s argument.

Lancelot committed suicide.

Merlin and Lancelot scenes.

Lancelot said “Thank you Merlin”.

Lancelot definitively died.


I really loved Merlin S4.

I think it’s the best, but there are some things I didn’t liked at all..

1. LANCELOT: my dear Lancelot. Why?? It was perfect, sexy, hot, sexy, lovely, hot, sexy, hot, amazing! Why the hell did they kill him? :( :(

2. EXCALIBUR: they totally distroyed the legend! Arthur had to take the sword without magic and Merlin.. I am a bit disappointed.

3. THE MARRIAGE: I was expecting a different marriage, something with the rings or other similar..

BTW it was amazing, I really loved Morgana, she is beautiful! and Merlin, EVERYTIME PERFECT!