Put a smile on that face
I'm Guinevere, i'm 16 and I live in Italy even if I'd like to live in another cowntry. I love cinema, I love the old icons like James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. I love old movies.
I like Merlin, and i'm team Lancelot.
If you like Santiago Cabrera, I like you.
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Sometimes when I say “I’m ok”,

I just want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me and tell me: "here is your Hogwarts letter".

Do you want icons?

I’m really bored tonight, so if you want icons ask me and I will create! :)


Pay attention to this scene. After everybody discover that Harry still alive, the first thing George does is turn on his side and call for his brother, Fred. But then Fred is no longer there to share the happiness with him.

Freeeeeeeeed! ç_____________ç